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December 27, 2013
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PotW Cover by Coofoo6 PotW Cover by Coofoo6
From left to right:
:iconharley-quinn-morgan: as Sebastian, the sociopathic slave master and would-be mass murder, now trapped within a gun. He's probably more dangerous now. UPDATE: He finally met his final mortal fate, when he detonated a plasma mine that blew his shell to gooey pieces. Suffer in hell, you bastard.
:iconicklevoldiepoo: as Noorjehan, the socially clueless mad scientist. UPDATE: Died in the same explosion as Sebastian. Poor Noor...
:icontawadi: as Jackie-Lynn, the passionate brahmin-girl. UPDATE: ???
:iconcoofoo6: as Terrence, the Wasteland's littlest murder machine. UPDATE: Still a badass, now a master sniper and mechanic.
:iconmegalemon: as Richard II, the idealistic Hero the Wasteland deserves AND the one it needs. UPDATE: Has not changed in the least.
NPC Benjamin, the abrasive tank and guy who smashes things while making everyone else hate him. UPDATE: Trying to be less of an a-hole. UPDATE: Ben was killed when a sniper shot him right in the head...he died instantly. It is worth noting that the sniper was NOT Terry.
NPC Amethyst, the girl who's nowhere near as useless as everyone acts like she is. UPDATE: Stayed behind at the Scrapyard with Chance.
NPC Chance, the sarcastic jerkbag who has to push the plot every time Rick gets distracted. UPDATE: Stayed behind at the Scrapyard with Amy.
:iconlonewolfmark: as Nykona, the dour Angel whose goal is to 'free' the Wasteland by blowing it up. UPDATE: Is now REALLY good at blowing up entire groups of elite soldiers in one turn.
 And :iconharley-quinn-morgan: as Smoothskin, the f#$%ing creepy cannibalistic ghoul monster that also acts as Rick's pet. UPDATE: Put down like the dog he was by a sniper bullet to the bran, via Terry. AFTER he murdered a bunch of innocent people, so it's okay. Sort of.

:bulletblue: Yes, I definitely drew that background, and did not steal it from a website called And under no circumstances is this sarcasm.
:bulletblue: I had to guess on a lot of stuff, like some characters' height and eye color. Sorry if I got it wrong.
:bulletblue: I kinda hate to admit it, but drawing Smoothskin was actually really fun. Also noses. Noses are fun to draw, for some reason.
:bulletblue: Girls are the same as guys except for eyelash length and chest curves, right?
:bulletblue: OH LOOK I DREW EVERYONE IN ARMOR. Chris and Liz need to step it up!
:bulletblue: Sorry, Trey, didn't draw Abraham. Way too late.
:bulletblue: LOOK CHRIS! SHOES! Now stop stalking me and throwing boots through my windows while I'm trying to sleep and by sleep I mean play video games.
:bulletblue: Stole most of the tones and stuff from pics Chris and Liz drew. But not skin and eye color. Really, guys, have you ever even seen human skin?
:bulletblue: I've been working on this for like two months. And then I worked on it for like eight hours straight and stayed up until like 3 AM to finish it. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW
:bulletblue: You can actually see the exact same thing on the center of the roll20 board, minus the background.
:bulletblue: No shading because SCREW YOU
:bulletblue: Fun fact: I noticed that I forgot the freckles on Jackie, Ben, and Amy at 1:59 AM. IMAGINE THEY'RE THERE.
:bulletblue: I really like the bulletblue icon.

Anyway, I imagine it went something like this:

Amy: Guys! I found a camera--we should take a picture!
Half the group: NO.
Amy: Aww, c'mon!
Ben: Amy, how would we even take it? I mean, we could kick Nykona out and make him take it--
Nykona: This is not conducive to our mission.
Amy: I bet Terry can put it on a timer.
Amy: Pleeease?
Terry: Ugh. Fine. Okay, you've got about ten seconds.
Jackie: Whoa there, girl. Stop shovin--
Noor: Like this?
Rick: Make sure it gets my good side...I'm just kidding. Every side is my good side.
Amy: Say cheese!
Chance: What?
Amy: It's what you say when you take a picture!
Noor: Why? Is it a cultural tradition?
Amy: Well, yeah--but it makes you smile!
Ben: That's assuming anyone's going to smile.
Amy: Well I am! And Chance is.
Chance: I am?
Amy: YES.
Chance: I am!
Nykona: I will move on ahead, waiting for your asinine photography to be completed. 
Amy: No, you have to be in the picture! Everyone does. Even Smoothskin.
Amy: ...It's been a lot more than ten seconds. Terry?
Amy: Terry! Come on! This is important to me!
Terry: Okay, five seconds. This looks pretty badass, right, Rick?
Rick: Yeah! I'll go for a classic look, myself. Arms folded, golden locks waving in the breeze...
Ben: Is this damn thing ever going to--
Amy: CHEESE!... Wait, is it going to...Terry, m--

UPDATE: Oh my dear sweet merciful goodness, SEVEN out of the TEN characters listed here are no longer in the party! Only THREE remain!
We're all dying, one by one...
Will Terry, Rick, and Nykona survive the coming endgame? Only time will tell...
Oh look, freckles!

Hey, Noor's no-- okay, yeah, she is really bad at social things....
Aw, you posted first so now I have to adjust my background story for the one I'm working on. =P

This looks awesome! And yes I'm happy you posted it :la:
Megalemon Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist
Bad ASS!
Bwah hah hah. EPIC!!! Good to see an updated version of this...
Side note: Up Terry's strength so he can duel wield sniper rifles, since I now cannot get that idea out of my head.

Good work Mitch!!!
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